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My relationship with BREEF (Bahamas Reef Environment Education Foundation) goes all the way back to high school when I won my first art competition. It was the International year of the stamp and they invited students to create their view of what was amazing about the waters of the Bahamas. Out of all the schools and all the students, I won first place. This started a long-term relationship with BREEF. Before Sir Nicholas Nuttall died we had proposed to collaborate using the message behind BREEF and my work. Three years ago, I approached his widow, Lady Nuttall, about an amazing concept that I had after seeing the work of International Artist Jason Taylor, I knew that we should have a sculpture garden here in the Bahamas. I made contact with Jason Taylor and local Bahamian artist Andret John, and three years later, here we are.

The concept behind my piece, 'Virtuoso Man', was that of giving attention to the role of the more insightful, wiser and older generation while paying homage to the role of 'Atlas', Jason Taylor's piece. It was sculpted in my studio and then a fiberglass mould was created. It is an 8 ft tall sculpture of a man on his knees looking out into the future with a staff in his hand.

This garden features a giant sculpture which is the largest undersea sculpture in the world. A 8 ft tall sculpture by myself, a large Arawak mask by Andret John and around 50 Reef Balls of varying sizes. Reef Balls are hollow with openings and channels which create an ideal living environment for a variety of marine species.

This garden will have a huge environmental impact. The sculptures were created to encourage coral growth. To this end, additives were used in the marine grade cement to bring the pH level of the cement to that of the salt water. This means a faster coral reef development and a safe refuge for marine species to reproduce and take refuge. The garden will also educate and engage residents and tourists of the beauty of the world and the processes within.

​The Coral Reef Sculpture Garden has gotten worldwide attention. 

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Undersea Sculpture

Working with BREEF to create the Sir Nicholas Nuttall Undersea Sculpture Garden - Nassau, Bahamas (Clifton Pier area)

Willicey Tynes